DOGMAS will disband

A reason isn’t given why they disband…

Last lives will be

5/7 池袋Black Hole 主催
5/14 池袋EDGE
5/28 池袋EDGE


DOGMA has to die so NINTH could live

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I think this was easy to see coming.

… didn’t they only just form a few months ago? 2020/07?

Nine months is apparently not enough time to make a VK baby.

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Sounds like the members couldn’t groove well together. Can’t think of another reason to disband and not mention it.

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Also: Let’s form a band during a global pandemic. That’ll go well!

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guess I’ll go back to celebrating regular christmas

They weren’t pulling in a lot of fans. I would see maybe 3-8 people going to their set (I liked sticking around because they had Loa on support drums). But compare that to other bands who also formed during the pandemic like Kaneto Juusei, TSKMJ, etc and it becomes somewhat easy to see why they might’ve become discouraged. Not saying that’s the reason why, but I wouldn’t doubt if it were.

3-8 people? That’s not that bad actually.
To bad that they decided to disband… if they would just go another year, they surely would have gained more fans. A band never should give up before turning 2-3 years. Usually fans increase a bit in the second year.

Vocals wasn’t t hat bad… power on stage too (I saw their live video on youtube) so with a bit more “power” they could have grown bigger in the upcoming year…
I know people who might have 1-2 fans and still don’t give up not even after 5 years lol