Dream Tribute album

So apparently, tribute album was a thing for alot of oldguards (for example kuroyume and BUCK-TICK) and most of our favorite bands are already exist for almost 2-decades now, yet. they didn’t have any tribute album. and that’s for better or worst, since we can get a rendition that are better than the original (Moran’s cover of Illuminati) or a rendition that tries too hard to be it’s own thing (Sukekiyo’s cover of Gerbera)
so to start this discussion i’ll start with my own dream Diru tribute album.

Yes i know that MUCC wasn’t as edgy or moody as it was a decade ago, but as we seen from the sin/shin rerecords, they seem to still intrested in making that kind of sound. for the case of obscure, if the latest pv for the upcoming album wasn’t indicate anything for you then, i don’t know any. and in the case of mushi, tatsurou’s voice and melody could work very well in that song imo.

This is very funny to me, cause i’m always imagine hazuki’s signature melody during Machiavellism pre-chorus, but i also think that .lynch/hazuki sounds overall, fit for the not-so heavy/just rock songs like this.

3. Buck-Tick-(an injection)/kr-cube/raison d’etre
I think you already know where this is going, both songs are eletronic and relatively catchy so there’s no way that BT can’t pull that off (and btw, they can get rid of the obnoxious backing vocal in kr-cube if they want. but if sakurai somehow willing to fill that in however well… uh… :slight_smile:

4.Fukurou-I’ll/ain’t affraid to die
I always imagine what if these songs sounded like a Fukurou songs especilly the guitarless sound of the first song in case of AATD (didn’t know the romaji title) and yoshiatsu voice sounds fine for a songs like this (granted i didn’t listen to Fukurou that much)

5.LUNA SEA/flow-yokan
Techinically LUNA SEA’s yokan do exist via sokoninaru, but it’ll be cool if we got the actual LUNA SEA version. (no offense to sokoninaru btw, they’re cool) and in the case of flow we might end up having something closer to the original, just with keigo and koshi on the vocals which is no doubt better than the original cause as much as found yokan catchy, kyo’s moaning and groaning at the end of every sentence almost ruin the song for me.

6.Crystal Lake/Maximum the Hormone-Agitated Scream of Maggots
Pretty random i know, but do i need to explain anything?

7.Kanata Yumishiro-Higeki Ha Mabuta Wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu
Well technically he can just upload it on his youtube channel if he want, but i will be very happy if he finally got the attention he deserve. and Higeki sounds right for him as he’s been known to be Acoustic specialtist.

and finally…

8.the GazettE-Rasetsukoku/The Final/Jessica
Ok. first of yes i maybe bias here because i’m such a big GazettE fan. and GazettE do have a similar sounding sounds (Discharge=Rasetsukoku), (Jessica=Some song from Gama or Stacked Rubbish that i didn’t remember lol) but i always wondering what if GazettE played Rasetsukoku or Jessica and i put The Final just incase that the GazettE
fan wanted the more modern sound. And i just being generous here cause i can literally put almost every diru songs pre-Uroboros here (lol) and btw speaking of Uroboros…

Honorable Mention: the GazettE-Reiketsu Nariseba
I was thinking to put this song but then i realized that this isn’t SR/Dim-era RUKI anymore, so i opted with The Final as the replacement.

That was it from me!
What are yours?