DuelJewel new album "Trigger" release

DuelJewel new album “Trigger” will be released at 2022/07/13 (2 types)

Limited edition (4180yen) will include CD (11 songs) and DVD including “Under The Gun” MV and making
Regular edition (3630yen) will include CD (12 songs) only


  1. Under The Gun
  2. Bluff
  3. 宿命の赤い糸
  4. The end of the abyss
  5. Ray
  7. 2020
  8. ⅨⅨⅨ
  9. 不自由な自由
  10. HEAVEN
  11. Prayer~淡い奇跡~
  12. EARTH

^ track 12 “Earth” will be exclusive to the regular edition

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Good news! I’m happy to see them back.

I haven’t heard this name in a while. Nice to hear them back

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Yes! First proper, entirely new full album for eight years!

A real survivor band, nice to see them back.

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Oh wow haven’t seen their name for a while. Looking forward to their revival :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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VK is saved tbh


They’re still active?


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A bit of a different sound from them. It’s cheesy, but I kinda like it. There’s certainly plenty of energy

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I know it’s a bit out of the topic, but I just discovered this beautiful song from them that I would like to share. This kind of song impress me.

I’ve listened to the album once but didn’t felt any kind of emotions.

Are they actually still relevant? Tbh I can’t see much difference from like 15 years ago except they got cubbier.

You mean back from the dead

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Is this anywhere to stream? Or anywhere online? =/