Ebi Art Roll...2

Don’t really remember where I left off on MH, but since I kinda dropped off the map when corona started doesn’t matter I guess lol. Last year was probably my most productive year I think, back when I joined MH it was a weird time in my life becoming sober / less self destructive, so I think I should continue on here being open.
Things I completed in Dec last year:
(started in 2015 but abandoned it a long time)

reworked an old sculpture from 2014

finished lines in 2016, abandoned - finished coloring in Dec

and last, part of trying new animation project animating things from meditation stories last 3-4 years
opensgnstrtwl1k bkosnapsaturated dressnrmbknk

I am almost done with my next drawing though I got kinda stuck, I hope to get even more out than last year, very cathartic after just not thinking it was worth doing at all. If anyone has original worlds / characters, I definitely want to see them drawing or writing or otherwise. :partying_face:


I love the dark vibes your art gives off. I could just stare at it for hours on end… Gorgeous.

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Thank you :cat: can remove futility from life but not from the art I think haha

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I love these art vibes, modernly dark yet I felt like this is the reality. :sparkling_heart:


I’m so in love with the dark vibes. IMO it would be so great as an album cover! :smiley:


abstract art pieces always get my attention easily, great job! my favs are the first three. :star_struck:

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Thanks ( :sunny:

Thank you, lol about an album cover… I was commissioned a pretty long time ago now to make some indie band a logo / cover. They just took what I did and I never got paid, plus I only asked for 50$ back then. At least their music was terrible. :relieved:

Thanks! I pretty much live in surrealism / abstraction territory. I am really enjoying reading your writings too.


What a bunch of scumbags. It’s hard for garbage to make good music anyways :face_vomiting:

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Yeah wasn’t a great experience getting into the commission scene lol, but if it’s any consolation at least they asked for something new I didn’t care about at all rather than just taking something personal…I guess? :face_with_monocle: I see so many artists things who hit the follower algorithm big, but are still making small time artist bucks just getting mass printed wherever against their wishes, almost makes you want to stay obscure.

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I just love your stuff dude, so I’m glad to see you posting again. Have you ever tried animating before? It’s looking good. Which software did you use? I’ve been meaning to animate some little projects using Procreate since it’s very simple.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I think the only time was back when I messed around with Flash MX 2004…so it was bad haha. Here I just drew each frame in photoshop and put it in the timeline → turned into gif.
I heard good things about that app but I don’t have any tablets / apple so I’ve never gotten to try it, seems like almost every artist I follow on twitter uses it though lol. I use SAI 1&2 most of the time.

wow the first and the third are really my favs. looking real cool.
Cool work man

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Wow. What software do you use? I like the animations a lot.