An ELLEGARDEN tribute album titled “ELLEGARDEN TRIBUTE” will be exclusively released on Amazon Music on 2022/11/11.


  1. Vaundy - Missing
  2. My Hair is Bad - 金星
  3. BiSH - ジターバグ
  4. マカロニえんぴつ - 高架線
  5. 山本彩 - 風の日
  6. BLUE ENCOUNT - The Autumn Song
  7. Saucy Dog - 虹
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Some heavy hitters of the modern j-rock scene.

According to the tracklist of this tribute album, most of the selected songs are sung in Japanese except The Autumn Song. For Japanese natives, I think it’s pretty difficult to perfectly cover most of ELLEGARDEN’s songs which are all in entire English. Therefore, the tracklist of this tribute album doesn’t even represent ELLEGARDEN’s best songs, but the songs Japanese artists are comfortable to cover.

It’s out today and exclusively on Amazon Music lol.

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“Exclusively on Amazon Music” is what screams punk to me!


This ELLEGARDEN tribute album will be released physically with the new title “OFF THE WALL -ELLEGARDEN TRIBUTE-” on 2023/11/29 (1,980 yen). The content on the CD will be identical to the digital version released earlier.

  1. Vaundy「Missing」
  2. My Hair is Bad「金星」
  3. BiSH「ジターバグ」
  4. マカロニえんぴつ「高架線」
  5. 山本彩「風の日」
  6. BLUE ENCOUNT「The Autumn Song」
  7. Saucy Dog「虹」

Link to purchase

Any news about an digital release?

It was out last year.

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