En'Cell♰Dis'Dein new single "蜘蛛女のキス" release

En’Cell♰Dis’Dein 2nd single “蜘蛛女のキス” will be released at 2021/04/14.



I can’t believe this is the name of an actual band.


haha ^v^ yah, It is like the opposite of ANTI-FEMINISM.
Dealt with so many little turds in the scene here decided to make the name a F@ck you to those type of guys, but to the Japanese here it is just typical strange VK name : P <3

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Love it, reminds me a lot of the old school visual kei stuff. Excited to see more!

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What does the Name mean?
Though it’s Just a Randome VK Name aswell lol

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Thanks narnia! Do you like turkish delight? haha
It takes alot of effort to do everything with real dreams and mixing with older techniques but it is all worth it when people feel that oldschool vibe ^v^ <3

Kind of like that. I was seeing people on vk tweet using the term and honestly did not know of it since ive been here for so long @_@;; but it reminded me of all the crap bandmen I met here, guys who do not even make their own songs and look like crap without makeup but think girls deserve to give them anything they want, especially some little turd I met who bragged about rape V__V got him fired from my job after that. So kind of made it as a joke like ANTI-FEMINISM meaning but opposite. Here it is just a kind of random cool name but to me it kind of has the meaning of “f@ck off to ignorant base human nature”:a disdain for incell f@ckwits.


you’re so humble and candid about the scene, it’s refreshing tbh haha

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ah I am glad, I just always want to be chill and honest about what I see, good or bad.
I think it upsets some people though @_@;; had some kirakira bandman giving me the death stare, probably from my tweet about ghostwriter stuff that blewup? idk xD