everything about cheki -Reincarnation ver.-

This was a topic made a long time ago, and I’m pretty curious to see the state of cheki and cheki collecting in 2021. I’ve never bought any, the idea of collecting physical items makes my skin crawl as a minimalist, I have a small 20 disc case for dvds and cds I can’t yet get rid of. The idea of like fifty little Polaroids laying around is too much :exploding_head:

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Well to be fair, 50 polaroids could take up much less space than a 20 disc DVD case :o (from someone who has collected a little bit of both)

Nah lol I’d actually say they are a great collectible for a minimalist style, similar to trading cards they can be tucked into a book/album and take up no space at all on a shelf. I own maybe 20 ? Just random ones, but all from recently - I actually chose to collect some BECAUSE I didn’t want another space-hogging thing lmao

edit: I’m not biased… what do you mean my profile pic is a fucking cheki… ?? D:


Random ones? Where’d you get them? Just, around?

i love them. i think it’s a cute little personal collectible. especially the signed/decorated ones.


Some of them were re-sold on here even, you can always keep an eye on the marketplace section! That and certain bands who either offer cheki as a bonus with some purchase or just have them available online and also ship overseas lol.

By random I just mean that I don’t buy them at shows due to location and I’m not really looking for one band or one member in particular like some who collect them hardcore :o

Ah okay. Yeah I’m sure there’s people who own every single one of a particular member or God forbid multiple or all.

While I personally don’t buy cheki often since I simply don’t care about having random bandomen pics of this type, I realize that it’s a great way to support the artist. I do have some that were either a part of a lucky bag or were required in order to get a “free” CD but apart from that - I’d rather spend the money on the music itself.


i’m not interested in collecting them myself. it’s something that i’d be like “ah, don’t they look nice” and then put them away, never to be seen again, but i get why people would be interested and find a lot of value in them.


I don’t particularly care about owning tiny pictures of musicians either, but they’re a great way to support bands. They also don’t take up a lot space since you can store tons of them in a binder and just put it away. I buy tons of them just because I want to continue financially supporting the bands even when they’re not putting out new music or other forms of merch.


I’m not particularly into them from a collector POV since I personally see the “every cheki is different (so you’ll NEVER complete anything)” as a flaw, plus I find them pretty expensive for what they are, BUT I think they are a great way to tip favorite artists (especially struggling ones) with the bonus to have something cute in return.