Ex-ペンタゴン (Pentagon) vo.千吊 (chizuru) mysterious announcement

千吊 (chizuru), the ex-vocalist of visual kei band ペンタゴン (Pentagon) has teased a mysterious announcement « NEW DARK FANTASY » which will occur on March 19 at 21:00/9pm (Japan time).


This just makes me feel like there was problems in Pentagon if he comes back. But, I’m looking forward to it!

Hmmmmmmmmmm interesting…

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pentagon frequently used this theme so I guess its going to be at least somewhat similar to those kind of releases. but its nice to see chizuru back

that theme is very familiar to me, i’m extremely curious what it is

inb4 it’s another idol group or some cheesy product he’s advertising


Hope for a new band. That would be cool. Chizuru has amazing talent.

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The announcement was just new utaite song covers.

Posted on 3/19:

This one was posted last month.

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Oh boy…

His ex-bandmates are clearly the ones winning here with their very capable-sounding new band.

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i’ve been saying since 2016 Kai seemed like a skilled & creative vocalist who kept getting held back by incredibly average-sounding bands - i’m vv excited to see where he goes with these guys, whose last sound was anything but lol

anyway i wonder what Minpha’s up to…

I think minpha was working as a host right after the band disbanded. Haven’t kept track of him after that