ex-Ars Nøva members new band "VESSEL" has formed

new metalcore band “VESSEL” has formed on 3/21. According to their bio, their music will be focused on progressive, THALL, and black metal. Details tba…


𝘎𝘵. 糸 (ito) (ex-XXXDOLL (support) → Amarna → Ars Nøva)
𝘉𝘢. yu-le (ex-ziglet → Slaughter Cowboy , the VOID → Buddah (ブッダ) (support) → Buddah (ブッダ) → Dark Insanity , Lost Humanic → Dark Insanity → Dark Insanity , ALEVAS → Dark Insanity, Amarna → Dark Insanity, Ars Nøva)


Well that’s a curious development, haha.

Curious to hear if they’ll bring anything interesting (I can’t remember any other Japanese band openly claiming to play thall).

Paramena are djent/thall apparently (they changed their name recently from burn wound to paramena)

Also nice to see, both Vessel members got lessons from Bitoku :relieved:
I hope they learned well

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1st digital single, “âme” will be released on 5/10