Ex-Awoi (アヲイ) Otogi will perform

It has been almost close to 10 long years of silence from vocalist Otogi and the future activities of his career since the disbandment of Awoi. After 9 years of disbandment, ryo started performing consecutive drum solo lives of awoi songs in 2022.

It has officially been decided that otogi will be a vocal guest during the encore of Ryo’s drum solo live next live which will take place on 2024-01-13. I really hope he comes back to visual kei in some way even if its small. Im hopeful for this coiming year even more now and im personally really happy about this news. :smile:



This is insane that he even is alive! I am super happy that he decided to pop into the scene for just a live! Nice that he might be hopefully getting back into music.