ex-DISGUST members new band "DEVOTION" has formed

New band “DEVOTION” has formed

Vo. K(ex.DISGUST, peach)
Gt. 鴃-MOZ- (peach)
Ba. ゆらん (Yuran) (ex.DISGUST)
Dr. MANO (ex.DISGUST, ゴア(Gore))

they will start their activities at 2021/12



I’m Undying from this

Hmmmm, DISGUST were kinda neat so I’ll be looking out for this one. :eyes:

oYey, I really love the bands of that vocalist but had pretty much given up hope on ever finding most of disgust’s releases (or any of peach’s}, hopefully now I can finally get some more of his music.


Hm, need to hear more before I can decide how I feel about them.

Ehh it’s…fine I guess? I need to hear more to make a fair judgement too. For now I’m just gonna say how much I hate vk songs with this slow plodding pace (something the GazettE made a career out of with their choruses, lol).

That vocal effect is kind of annoying. Otherwise it’s pretty interesting song.

is that trailer… made of stock footage?

The song is not bad although I’m not sure it all fits together that well

Some of those high notes were a bit painful… :sweat_smile:

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Gazette does the same, you can search back many of the shots from their trailers

I don’t understand why this guy. talking about the GazettE. be honest the GazettE other Level music you talking about Major. this band is new no a major can’t compared the GazettE with this guys. Hello New Band! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

can’t compared the GazettE with this guys.