ex-Kebyo members new band "トリカブト" (Torikabuto) has formed

四月一日御幸 (Miyuki Watanuki) (ex.Kebyo) new project “トリカブト” (Torikabuto) has formed and they will hold their first live on 4/19 at Holiday Shinjuku

Teaser 2
Teaser 3 (update 3/22)

Miyuki Watanuki twitter


Yay! This reminds me I have yet to see his solo project on sale ://

Vo.四月一日御幸 (watanuki miyuki) (ex.Kebyo)
Six Strings (Gt?) 八坂詩音 (yasaka shion) (ex.LaUs)
Five Strings (Ba?) 慾骸美弥 (yokugai fumiya) (ex.Kebyo)
Dr.神楽いく(kagura iku) (ex.Yukue Fumei, Roze)
Creator (?) 雛菊雛 (hinagiku hina) (ex.Kebyo)


But i thought fumiya was retiring? Or just retiring as a vocalist?

I guess as a vocalist lol

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Fumiya doesn’t make any sense. I still don’t know what is going on with kebyo though they teased something last year and we got nothing from it :confused:

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So it seems like the stuff from Yukue Fumei will be released under Torikabuto, this song is a Yukue. fumei song. アイキルミ(I’ll kill me.) Yukue Fumei’s original session name.

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They teased something for this year it just says 2024 so it could happen at any time this year.

Honestly decent drummer pick. I hope he gets more experience and evolves from this band.

The stuff from Yukue fumei was released! Under Yukue fumei, I talked to miyuki about it when the stuff 1st released

I mean, I know it was released what I meant is like it seems they’re releasing that stuff here too. Which is nice because His other project’s material is usually hard to get, like the two recent onz singles.

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~ Individual pics

Vo. Watanuki Miyuki (四月一日 御幸)

Kagura Iku (神楽いく)

Yasaka Shion (八坂詩音)

Yokugai Fumiya (慾骸美弥)

【唄】四月一日御幸@miyuki_watanuki pic.twitter.com/TpoWTCMI9u

— トリカブト (@torikabuto0419) April 3, 2024


I guess Hina is working behind the scenes? lol


Only 13 seconds but the vocals really aren’t good on this

Close to Kebyo enough :yellow_heart:

Nah this sounds pretty cool :slight_smile: can’t wait to hear more!

Oooo I like the sound of this so far! Excited for the release!

It does have some Kebyo vibes imo the preview sounds good