ex-L.A bate members new band “ZATSZATT” has formed

ex-L.A bate members new band “ZATSZATT” has formed.

“ZATSZATT” members:
Vocal: Sayuki
Vocal: Yanagi (ex.L.A bate)
Guitar: TuRaRa
Guitar: ANDY
Bass: YML (ex.Magistina Saga, L.A bate)


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Those poor, poor women…can’t wait till this flops within a year or so!

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Was never a fan of L.A. BATE but I think this is actually really good, apart from the harsh vocals being way too high in the mix

ayyyy lmao this so terrible is kinda amusing ngl

why is the bassist dude so far in the back???

if it was only the girl singer it would be just boring, passable like so many others but the dude butchers the song so hard

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