ex-MISSREAD members new band "KIRA" has formed

A mysterious email has been sent to vkei news site Visunavi, who published their findings here.

The email appears to be some type of gibberish, possibly a coded message, which was not transcribed in the article. Judging by the letters “v” and “k”, the writer decided it was safe to click on the message, not assuming the possibility that it’s a spam email.

The link takes them to a website, https://www.sep-2023.xyz/ with a mysterious countdown set to end on 9/15 with the words “EXIT” appearing below it, with yet another link. The link directs them to a locked Twitter account simply called “KIRA”, which also shows the countdown end date on its bio.

Not sure if it’s a returning project or a new band that will be unveiled on said date, so stay tuned!


this is a dramatic entrance if it is a new band but im looking foward to this ransom looking countdown


Now this is how you gather interest!


Someone gotta remind this thread when the countdown ends


Also theres a post on their twitter i sadly dk how to upload files in here so :disappointed_relieved: if anyone wants the screen recording add me on dc maggot#9805

Hmm how do we know it is a male vocalist?

because they usually are

judging by their tweets also they sound v much like a guy

they have been revealed as new band “KIRA” and they will hold their first live on 11/26 at Ikebukuro Edge

Gt.Ryouga (凌雅) (ex.LUCIFER → MISSREAD (support))
Ba.Yori (依) (ex.LUCIFER → MISSREAD (support))
Dr.Tarou (汰朗) (ex.MISSREAD (support))

if the tweet below gets 100 rts, member photos will be published. if it reaches 300 rts, a new music video will be released


I’m glad MISSREAD ended up leading to something. I really love Mirai’s voice, and LUCIFER’s music style was right up my alley.


Same!! I’m excited for this. Hope they release some cool stuff.

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More retweets :smile:

300RT with 100 followers… things are complicated, queens.


I’m not too interested in following the account but I want that MV

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lol they would gain more followers if they put the MV on YouTube with the link to their X account. I want that s@ too

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There are some weird bits, but I think it’s really promising. Needs some refining, but the look and sound are both pretty much what I wanted from them.

I like the instrumentals. The vocals were kinda ok, although not really my taste.

I kinda like it. They sound promising somehow