ex.A(エース) members session band “T.M.N” will perform

ex.A(エース) members session band “T.M.N” will perform at 2022/12/28.

“T.M.N” members:
Vocal: Nimo (ANONYMOUS)
Guitar: Mucho (SeanNorth)
Bass: Toshi (ZIGGY -support-)


:eyes: interesting

Teenage Mutant Ninjas…


bring in Rookie and have an A reunion :smiley:


Let’s goooo

Uncles lol

They really put a lot of effort into that poster art work though!

Two more lives will take place in February and March.

Fuck it at this point just form a new unit named B or something. These three together have magic so even if Rookie can’t/doesn’t/won’t come back it’s something.


Rookie is in some non vkei band dunno. I honestly wouldn’t mind if they grabbed violinist HIKARITO (ヒカリト) ex aiolin and reformed the band.

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Rookie is in Sean North and the lead singer has an angelic voice. Surprise that Mucho (also from Sn) is in this band. I wonder if we should call Nimo the Yoshiki jr due to how many bands/ projects hes always in.

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April performance.

The next live will be on 2023/05/11.

now what they really need is Rookie with his bug eyed glasses and early 2010 is lit :smiley:


RIP early 2010 :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Whait what band?? I cant find anything


they even run a “relaxing seannorth songs to study and be a weeb to 24/7” stream with their songs

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I still can’t picture Rookie with that goatee. He looks like a struggle artist in New York working at Whole Foods.