EYEZBERG new single "End" release

EYEZBERG new single “End” will be released.

“EYEZBERG” members:
Vocal: Jun
Guitar: Shizuku
Bass: Yuh
Drums: Toshi


When you type Iceberg but autocorrect got different plans.

Eyezberg is what happened to the Iceberg thanks to global warming.

Dont forget the secret but most famous member of the band:

And for the nerds:
American Inquiry after the sinking of the Titanic be like: Mr Lowe, do you know what Eyezberg are made of?
5th Officer Lowe: Men in Make-up, i suppose, Sir.

Unfortunatly i have not really anything to say in regards of their music. Just… Boys… do better

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Looks like all its the “END” of all “Iceburgz” cuz they all melted :sweat_smile:

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