Fake artist accounts

Share here links to fake artist accounts.
So that people can discover if they might follow an accounts which is fake.

I wanna start with
Alice Nine

the FB is fake and the LINE links you find on it are also fake

Shows youtube, is also fake

instagram a9_tora & a9_saga are fake

any link to pixelfeld.social is fake

A remember any well known artist would not chat with their fans via LINE.
If they do, the LINE account is linked to their homepage.

Of course their are bandman who chat with fans to receive gifs and money, but usually they won’t share their ID online or will add forgeiners and are usually not famous yet :rofl:


These few fakers are seriously dedicated. Even using some FC-only photos to make themselves look legit. I can only assume they’ve already got some gifts/money out of it, otherwise who has the time and energy to keep doing this

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Yes, Amazongiftcards :sweat_smile:

I remember at one point there was someone faking to be Jin from NEGA/The Black Swan/ ARTiClear with VKH, but i also remember asking a lot of questions and then they got chased off. I’ll find their socials and edit the post if i find them again lol

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There are a lot of fake instagrams out there too. A lot of bandomen didn’t really jump on the insta trend since twitter is the most popular, so I see a lot of accounts that are obviously fake because they just use publicly available photos. I only trust insta accounts if the member had links to their instagram from their own twitter.