Favorite Fashion Styles?

I’ve recently worn my old favorite fashion styles: gothic lolita, emo, and modern punk/goth. I’m also into new alternative fashion such as visual kei, menhera/yami kawaii, grunge, and e-girl. Around fall 2020, while I was in the first semester of sophomore year (1st year of high school), I often wore black jackets/hoodies, plaid skirts, tights/knee-high socks, converse, and boots. I also attempted to do goth/alternative makeup by watching videos on YouTube or TikTok. Since I got back listening to visual kei and metal music.
The camera quality was bad; I took this after the new year. I wore a dress with a belt on, tights, and boots.

This was on my birthday (January 13); while wearing a scarlet red plaid shirt, my goth/e-girl makeup was simple. Smoky eyeshadows and dark red-violet lipstick (it was covered, my apologies). I used a filter to impress the dark, grunge aesthetics.

Does anyone have their favorite fashion styles? It’s either old or new. You’re welcome to show your outfits or makeup!

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Metal :metal:

Japanese! :jp:

I don’t want to show my face, but I wear street visual kei. My base brand is Sex Pot ReVeNGe because they’re cheap and release a large volume of clothes, but my favorite brands are Deorart and WRouge. I sometimes use kawaii elements so I have some Listen Flavor, and I have some scattered pieces from Na+H (want more but they’re so expensive), Atelier Boz, Drug Honey and Cullt (rip). Recently I’ve been interested in Ozz On Japan’s Rozen Kavalier and Ozz Angelo lines.

My quintessential look is shorts with thigh high socks paired with a long flowy jacket. Also my main makeup brands are MAC and NARS but I use Dolly Wink for eyeliner.

i like the e-girl style, lol.
and menhera.

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I don’t feel like digging up pictures to edit my face out and upload right now but I’m very fond of japanese street fashion. My personal style (when we’re not… in the middle of a pandemic, bc nowadays I barely brush my hair …) is what I call “inspired by way too many japanese fashion trends both old and new but very subdued or else people will judge me in my workplace”. Particularly, gyaru and gyaru-inspired brands and styles (larme, etc) with a hint of “I listen to kpop and look 18 so…” kfashion and rarely “frilly blouses and long skirts are cute!” lolita brands too. My natural hair is brown/blondeish and wavy and my face is round and gyaru made me like (edit: yeah fine maybe just “not hate that much”?) my looks so maybe this is why I wear it to this day.

Some clothes I own are from Japanese brands, most are just thrifted or finds w/ a similar style. I make a point of owning quite a few Liz Lisa pieces as I really like them. I worked in a office for a while so I could actually wear it daily. For makeup I love Dolly Wink but own more kbeauty brands as it’s easier to get/cheaper ie Etude House, Nature Republic etc.

Formal - I have a couple armani tan and stripe suits with no vests because it doesn’t look good
Some ties from ramsay.

Normal - I have a couple leather I made, with some style thingys added, I wear band shirts (quality merch only)

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Have you ever altered any SPR stuff? I’m wanting to take a dolman cutsew they sell and remove the ribbons and jewelery etc and make it a plain cutsew since I don’t feel like paying $200 for a Julius_7 cutsew regardless of if it’s the favorite brand of KAORU and SUGIZO or not.