Favorite Fashion Styles?

I’ve recently worn my old favorite fashion styles: gothic lolita, emo, and modern punk/goth. I’m also into new alternative fashion such as visual kei, menhera/yami kawaii, grunge, and e-girl. Around fall 2020, while I was in the first semester of sophomore year (1st year of high school), I often wore black jackets/hoodies, plaid skirts, tights/knee-high socks, converse, and boots. I also attempted to do goth/alternative makeup by watching videos on YouTube or TikTok. Since I got back listening to visual kei and metal music.
The camera quality was bad; I took this after the new year. I wore a dress with a belt on, tights, and boots.

This was on my birthday (January 13); while wearing a scarlet red plaid shirt, my goth/e-girl makeup was simple. Smoky eyeshadows and dark red-violet lipstick (it was covered, my apologies). I used a filter to impress the dark, grunge aesthetics.

Does anyone have their favorite fashion styles? It’s either old or new. You’re welcome to show your outfits or makeup!

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