Favorite low voiced/screaming vocalist?

Obviously people know by now my fav low voiced vocalist which ill drop a vid below. For some odd reason i have a strong weakness to these types of vocalists that have deep voices and deep growls. Here are my top favs below. What are yours? Make sure most of the discography displays a more repeated use of low vocals. Ensure to list the vocalist name and what band they are from or are choosing to refer them to. :smile:

DIsclaimer: My list doesnt have a set order.

Vocalist: Otogi
Band: アヲイ (Awoi)
Still nothing has topped this song in lowest scream to date yet.

Vocalist: Ice
Band name: Black gene for the next scene

Vocallist: Bukimi
Band name: Jigsaw

Band name: DiSPiИA (Best release in 2016 >.>)

Vocalist: isami
Band name: アルケミ(ARCHEMI.)

Vocalist: Mao
Band name: Sadie

Band name: The Thirteen


Good topic! I was thinking of starting a similar topic myself.

Here are a few I really enjoy


This is my list, I think they’re from mainly 2010-2015 era

  • L (バラライカ, now in MEME)

I’ve actually loved his voice ever since he was in the 3rd birthday. He’s my alltime favorite

  • Yuhma (Luzmelt)

Well you can’t forget his brillaint voice though!

  • Yuki (Lustknot.)

I missed this band wait! what this is new lol.

I also wouldnt really consider Yuki (Lustknot.) a low voiced screamer/vocals. He pig squeals most the time. He has good low voice when he shows it but overall he is a low ranged to high pitched vocalist. (Hybrid)