Favorite Lyrics?

Since I collect CDs, I always like looking at the booklets for the lyrics. Visual kei lyrics can definitely be all over the place from severely muddled Engrish to as elegant and difficult to understand as traditional poems. I’m wondering what all of your favorite lyrics are?

Speaking for myself, AIOLIN’s lyrics are always my favorite. AIOLIN has a lot of songs that are love stories, usually sad since that’s part of the concept, and they always have beautiful poetic lyrics. However, within AIOLIN’s songs my favorite lyrics are definitely Error World, Message, and Snowdrop. My favorite lines of Error World are 「君に好きと伝えたら世界が壊れてしまうから」(If I told you I love you, the world would break) and 「毒林郷の様な恋の味」(The taste of love is like a poisonous apple). It’s hard to pick out lines from Message and Snowdrop because they’re both written for the fans, but I do really like the first half Snowdrop’s final sabi「何回掛け違ったって/ずっと会えると思っていた/あの場所で/あのHomeで」 (No matter how many times our paths crossed/I thought that we’d always be able to meet/At that place/At our home). I’ve always liked how AIOLIN’s live is our home.


I’m not a person who’s really into reading lyrics’ translation, but during the past few weeks I’ve been watching and rewatching Dir en grey’s subbed “Ash” PV mostly because of its lyrics.

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Dir en grey - Uroboros
The whole album.

Except Reiketsu Nariseba.

The island song

Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please
Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree


Reckless driving cucumber
The Gazette - Filth In The Beauty

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probably Schwarz Stein’s new vogue children tbh

Moi dix Mois
Indigo bleeding sky A closed illusion
Farewell to the dying
Deep foggy darkness Closed hallucinations
Beautiful wreckage that changes
Your lie perish and die
Cause of evil in you
Be destroyed
Ah, the moon is crying
Sinking in the shimmering darkness
Ah, the tentative love is dominated by the moon
Danced by the shimmering shadows
The faintly distorted sky, the collapsing reality
For those who betray, break up with a smile
Your lie perish and die
Ah, the tentative love is dominated by the moon
Danced by the shimmering shadows
Kageriyuku Tsuki is a fragment of tears
Sink into the shimmering darkness
Ah, the tentative love is guided by the moon
Torn by a colorful shadow
The moon that goes down is your figure
Reflected in the glittering darkness
Ah, the tentative love is dominated by the moon
Danced by the shimmering shadows :heart: :kissing_heart:

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I don’t always care that much for the lyrics
Also i don’t have THAT favorite lyrics

But some that i love are
this ones
m:a.ture are not a VK group, but somehow their roots came from vk or they play for groups that are vk
the video has english subtitles

And this
(again not vk)
has english subtitles too

and to name at least one vk group
i like the lyrics to gauzes wing
No subtitles, but i posted the kanji lyrics on jrock one

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I don’t have like a top lyrics of all times, but here are my favorite parts of lyrics from two songs I’ve had on my mind recently.

Nega- Purgatory

“Let’s commit suicide and die
I just going mad
No salvation in this world that like a hell
I’m not going to back
But I can’t advance
Here is a hell on earth
I cannot stand”

and other part of the lyrics

“Take it away from me
Die truth with me mud
Nobody can hope you and me
As I lie… death wish
I’m not going to back
But I can’t advance
Here is a hell on earth or purgatory?”

The other song isn’t VK song

Marilyn Manson- Valentine’s day

“I saw that pregnant girl, today
She didn’t know that it was dead, inside
Even though it was alive
Some of us are really born to die”

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Dezert - Satsui
Dezert - Ikaiyou to ROUSSEAU no Sakkaku
Dimlim - Rijin
KuroyuriToKage - Gesshoku
AvelCain - Also Heya
The Gallo - Musou
Dadaroma - Oboreu Sakane
Lycaon - Psychedelic Jelly
Mejibray - Agitato Grimiore
Mejibray - Paradigm Paradox
Mejibray - Raven
Mejibray - Eiji
Mejibray - Hakuraku
The Black Swan - Ruvish


Timeless classic, SADIE SADSのglas bruch


One of the best lyrics in my opinion, profound.


Favorite lyrics now?

Go To Sea boy, Go To Sea boy, Go To Sea.

Oh shit its a Japanese thread. Then.
The song in my profile header is my favorite.

Adventure time songs are the best !!!

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胸を切り裂いて流れる血にさえ理由が必要 そうだろ?



胸の奥底は解らないことで自分を偽る そうだろ?


ここは自殺の庭さ 楽しい?





local Razor fanboy here.
Not sure if it’s just the melodies that go along with these lines but Adept and 邪崩 (Jakuzure) have some of my favourite lyrics.

「いつかきっと この歌よ そう 嘘に成れ」
I can’t take this anymore

“Someday, surely, this song will become a lie.”
The limit of my unchangeable heart
I can’t take this anymore

邪崩 (Jakuzure)
灰色の雨 川の流れを澱ませている
まるでそう 俺が居るように

Gray rain stagnating the flow of the river
It’s as if I’m here
To those who are loved just because they are beautiful
Even though I put my hand down for being impolite

i quite enjoy the lyrics of juuyoku by dir en grey, specifically the line

let’s make love to the gorgeous past, which is all a pile of make believe

don’t know why i like that one line so much, it’s just beautifully written i suppose

These are the best lyrics in VK

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What is your favorite line from a vkei song? For me it is,
“Because I stopped your breath with these hands
Because I stopped your sigh with these hands” (Baroque- Malice Mizer)
I fell completely in love with this song since the first time I heard it. :relieved:
I would love to know what yours are!

I’m totally not just posting this because I have an assignment to write a poem inspired by a song line hahahaha what are you talking about… That is my favorite line, but I feel like it might be too much for my teachers-

also I didn’t know if I should put this in Japanese music or the support category so apologies in advance I’m still new here :pray:

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Oh oh oh! Great topic :smiley:

My favorite line is from GazettE’s song Ray:

光指す方へ… hikari sasu hou e

You will find a lot of diffrent translations of this short line. Depending on how “free” people translate.

I always understood it as “into the direction the light shines from” or “the direction the light shines to” but i have also read “I point into the direction the light comes from”. It is always something along those lines and I think it even adds to the beauty of the line that it is a bit difficult to put into english.

The song is about being stuck in darkness and that one ray of light. This is the last line and I just think it’s beautiful. When I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the guitar, I can see the light as well.