Favorite Visual kei bands that are currently active

Hey just wanted to share my list of favorite bands that are active figured it would be interesting to see other peoples favorites that are active since there is a lot disbandment in vkei. These can include bands that disbanded and got back together and active solo projects. These are not for disbanded bands. You can include them if they announced disband but are still together until that time. If you are not sure if a band is active or not please check vk.gy for info on the band.

Here are my top 5 as of 2022:

Amazing band i think this is my current number one favorite band as of 2022. Awesome music, screams, powerful voice and the Egyptian atmosphere really stands out to me a lot.

Band name: REVIVE
Active since: 2014

Amazing execution of their instrumental and effects work paired with an amazing vocalist on the soft and heavy sides of the spectrum really makes this band shine. Its unfortunate the Guitarist Ray left the band he was a very good guitarist. Still an amazing powerhouse for such an early band. Im curious to see what there next major release will be with him gone.

Band name: リブラヴェル (LIBRAVEL)
Active since: 2019

This band has shown consistently how amazing they can be and am surprised to see them active today. I have mostly listened and liked their early works. Yoka has a really nice voice and i feel that is what makes them stand out a lot which is ok.

Band name: Diaura
Active since: 2010

Chaotically beautiful :heart:

Band name: ジグソウ(Jigsaw)
Active since: 2018

Ill be honest i didnt know what to put here. It was a toss up but decided to put them since they have been a bit consistent with good/decent releases recently.

Band name: RAZOR
Active since: 2016

Honorable mentions:

Since this band technically falls under the category of still active currently but they disband 06/2022. I figured id give it an honorable mention. Sad this band is disbanding they were my second favorite.

Band name: アルケミ(Archemi.)
Active since: 2015 (Disbandment starts 06/2022)

I love chaotic voices this guy makes lol. Its fun. This band came back from the dust and am glad they have. Hope to see another album hopefully it isnt a compilation.

Band name: Delacroix
Active since: 2009 (Disbanded in 2014 reformed in 2021)

I was very surprised when I heard this vocalist in this band compared to VABEL. He improved a lot and cant wait to see what there album will have in store. So far they have had very solid releases.

Band name: MOB
Active since: 2017


That’s definitely Gazette.

And there’s also DaizyStripper.

These are the two active bands I’d consider my favorite (DIMLIM could have made it there but they decided for a change in direction).

Out of the newer active bands there’s 蟻 (Ari) I think who is really interesting. I’ m not going as far as to add them to my favorites though.

I’ve seen people say they don’t like that constant change in rhythm and pace but I like that. It makes the band definitely stand out from others (in the way that this seems to be the case in every so g by them and not just one song here or there).



Psycho le Cemu

In terms of post-reunion output, I think PLC had one of the best reunions in VK. Everyone except seek, and possibly Yura-sama, does look older, but their new music still has the same signature feel without being stuck in the past, and they’re still kind of just the right mix of dead serious and completely ridiculous to me.

For example:


I guess XANVALA?

I like Tatsumi’s voice, and even though it seems like they’re still kind of experimenting, I feel like there’s a sort of reassuring consistency about them so far.


Comodo Dragon. They aren’t doing anything new most of time but they’re reliably consistent and that’s all I ask for lol.

Kebyo is pretty good too:

Develop One’s Faculties grew on me recently:


sukekiyo <3






Gibkiy Gibkiy Gibkiy

The god and death stars

Dir En Grey

There are more active bands I like but others already metioned them. Like Sukekiyo


Amano Jacushi and Nurie are two I really like and I’ll give a plus 1 to Ari and Articlear for newish bands. Older bands that I still find good are Razor, Kiryu, Buck-Tick, Sukekiyo, DEG and The God and Death Stars. Also really looking forward to Misanthrope (ex Cruxifiction and Ferriswheel).


They’re gonna end activities in march though…

Anyway, apart from those already mentioned


Under Fall Justice

Versailles (technically they’re active, but haven’t released anything since 2017)



gulu gulu


Virge ( ヴァージュ )



Most of the bands I passively keep tabs on have already been mentioned, but…

DEZERT is one of those bands I watch like a hawk. There’s something whimsical about their releases that I’ve yet to find from other modern bands, and I am but a simple man when it comes to good bass playing. Tickles that forbidden nu metal spot in my heart just right but doesn’t stagnate there. Active since 2010.

Zigzag doesn’t always manage to hit the right notes with me but I have high hopes to keep hearing from them, that’s for sure. Active since 2015.

MEME, despite it’s hilarious name, has grown on me like no other. No clue where the project is heading but I hope it sticks around. Active since 2018.

HONMONO’s EP also blew me away when it dropped, but I’m a sucker for weird metal so maybe it was to be expected. Active since 2021.

There’s also IX -NINE- who I’m assuming are still active, considering I can’t find them on vkgy and the social medias have quieted down a bit. Do they even qualify here? No idea. I wouldn’t know any better. :’)

The curse of disbandment is real though, because I thought I had at least five other bands to link here but turns out they’ve disbanded during 'rona. Oh, well.


They are just hidden on there for some reason they are active :+1:

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