Favourite Pokemon?

There’s a thread for favourite animal, so I figured why not do the weeb version. What’s your favourite Pokemon?

I’m several generations behind right now (I still haven’t finished playing Black, and I haven’t kept up with any new Pokemon games or designs since then), so I’d love to see if there are any cool new ones I’ve missed out on.


the usual furbaits
like lucario and incineroar.

Charizard and Nidoking

Loved using these two to tank Gen 1 games

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I’m old, and the versions I replayed the most as a kid were Blue and Crystal, so mine are Vulpix and Kadabra.

Although, while I’ve been playing Black, I’ve been using Maractus a lot. I think it’s so cute, and it’s been handy during the long caves and desert parts.


I have many favorite Pokemon, here are some of them:


Galar Ponyta


Alola Vulpix



Used to be a Pokémon fanatic a few years ago, then at some point realised that the franchise exists only to make as much money as possible while putting in as little effort as they can. The games have become horrendously stagnant, having barely changed at all since the beginning (aside from becoming more linear, more handholdy, and treating the player like a moron). Features are dropped every generation for seemingly no reason. There’s an over-reliance on nostalgia, with a big focus on Gen 1 (not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit boring to see it harped on ad nauseam). The business model of splitting content between two or even three games has always been non-customer friendly. It’s a series based on gacha and gambling (trading cards were the '90s equivalent of Loot Boxes), with the whole premise being to capture animals and force them to fight each other. I used to tolerate it, but now the whole thing rubs me the wrong way.

I dropped out after Gen VII. Glad I did; after seeing a few hours of gameplay from the latest entry, I can only conclude that it’s an insult to the fans. Animations are lazy as fuck, cutscenes are all but removed, dialogue is impossibly tedious, even the textures are bad. It’s a skeleton of a video game. The only good thing I can say is that some of the creature designs are neat, although that can be said for every generation (Dexit aside, let’s not even talk about that lol).

That new Arceus game looks and sounds like a cheap BotW knock-off. The framerate is miserable. It’s like an April Fools joke, except it’s real. Apparently they want it released early next year, yet the build they showed was not in the slightest bit complete. I hope they delay it until it’s actually done.

It’s crazy that this is the biggest media franchise on the planet, yet they force their studios to pump out a major game out annually, which makes the end result suffer tremendously. You’d think they could afford to give 2-3 years between releases in order to fully polish what they already have rather than crapping out turd after unfinished turd.

I’m also going to be controversial and say that the anime was never good, and Ash is one of the worst protagonists possibly ever (Origins wasn’t bad, just far too short).


For the record, the series peaked for me at Black/White and the sequels, which were the last time the games had good stories. The animated sprite art is still gorgeous now.


As for favourites… there are tons of cool designs, and having been a fan for many years, I like a lot of them. Pretty tough to cut it down.

Here are a few of my highlights:





Meloetta (Aria Forme)




Alolan Ninetales



Mine has always been and will always be Blastoise. Squirtle is another favorite along with Ninetales/Alolan Nintales, Gengar, and Articuno. In terms of the newest pokemon, I like Corviknight, a steel/flying raven.




Alolan Ninetales





My favorite has always been Haunter, with Cradily not far behind.



Maginarp’s easily my favourite Pokemon. By far the coolest mofo to ever splash the world of Pokemons.

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wooper (obvs) mostly because of this scene:

also banette and abra


Blastoise, Meganium, Jolteon, Lugia, Xatu, Golduck and the last game I played was 6th Generation, I fell in love with my Delphox (not in a furry way).

@NowhereGirl completely agree with you, Ash is one of the worst protagonists ever. I think he’s been in my top 3 for over ten years now.

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I have fond memories of all the starters, but my all time favourite was and will always be this beauty right here :cupid:

Forever and ever this little guy


I loved the whole Cyndaquil family until Gen VI, where their fire is only ‘on’ when they’re attacking. They look naked without it.

I can’t look at this thing without immediately seeing the eight penises erupting from its neck.
Basically Tentacle Porn: The Pokémon.
I’ve always wondered how this got past ESRB.

I always liked Zekrom, black is my favourite colour and having a cool electric dragon monster representing the colour is really nice. I also like Zoroark, Cofagrigus, Gallade and Regigigas.

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Cyndaquil is my favorite too. Second up would be Oshawott.

I love Cyndaquil so much I made a fan site for him. https://shamanking.neocities.org

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