Favourite Solo Work

Couldn’t find this topic so I hope it hasn’t been posted before :sweat_smile: - Which vkei musician’s solo work do you like the most?

I personally really like Kamijo’s, and am a massive fan of most of the Malice Mizer members’ solo work, especially Közi’s, who at the moment has got to be my favourite. I’ve never heard anything quite like it before or found anything quite the same despite looking. My favourite songs have got to be Grottesca, Nocturne, Curious Nuance, The Eyes, Incoherents, and then, of course, Honey Vanity is up there as well. I really like this live version of the retromantics club mix Honey Vanity, I love the vocals throughout, especially how he sings the chorus at 2:50.


one and only

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Ryutaro Arimura of course :heart:

This acoustic its awesome and perfectly done.

Lately ryutaro has been playing around with his own songs, as we can see in his latest release.


Maybe this one. Hyde did it even better after hr quit VAMPS. The message of this song is nailing it!

hide! I liked X but hide made me fall in love with the vk/j-music! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::broken_heart:

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Kamijo has an really solid act, Kaya does too.

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