Favourite song name

Listened to some gulu gulu and found this one Track with the name living Dead end
This is so a cool track name like one which actually makes you interested in the track. So I decided to make a thread about track names.

So the idea of this thread would be to name names of songs where you love the song title.
Please also name the artist

So for me it would be

Gulu gulu - living Dead end
Dir en Grey - Zomboid


ziggy - gloria

i’ve never met a song named gloria that i didn’t like


Versailles - The Umbrella of Glass

I think it’s very poetic, as an umbrella protects you from rain, but this one is made of glass, fragile, just like you when you are standing in the rain.

I don’t know, it inspires me a poem back in the days, the song is good also :slight_smile:


the psalms and lamentations - lin
desperate resolution for my soul - phantasmagoria
actuate eden - phantasmagoria
pixy false - phantasmagoria


I’ll keep it to one song per band

Nega- munashiki “sei” no guui ≒ “shi” no shinni (Allegory of an empty “life” ≈ true meaning of “death”)
The Black Swan- Dejected Rain
ARTiCLEAR- Solitudart
Dir En Grey- Obscure (the name caught my attention when I was getting into them)
Sukekiyo- 12時20分金輪際 (12 hours 20 minutes till doomsday)
Kizu- Human Error
I also love names of songs that start with “Juu” for some reason. (Juuyoku, Juunana etc.)


You reminded me of a track I used to listen to about 8 years back! Which is:
Epysode - Fantasmagoria

Others, the first just weird and random and the second more poetic:
Chon - Wut the… (Poop)
Opeth - In The Mist She Was Standing

This is a little off topic, but this post also reminded me of a band from Amsterdam which was called “Tales That Are Not Supposed To Be Heard By People”

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Probably lynch. - SORROW. And a clip.
I’ve watched and listened countless times, I never get tired of that, every time it gets to the depths of my soul)


Deux by the gazette
Ash by gotcharocka (I’m biased cause my name is ash)
Also I’ve always thought “marry me cause I hate u” was a hilarious track name and that’s why I love it so much.

I also really just like dogma by the gazette as a whole.