Favourite song vs. least favourite song by the same artist

It’s always interesting to compare your fav song to maybe less interesting/utterly despisable songs from the same artist. Reasons can range from “i dunno bro” to unwanted associations to simply bad songwriting.
Well, for me it would be:
Favourite – Rhapsody in my head (i love the jazzyness and the colour selection for the MV was sublime)
Least favourite – Your Song (i actually don’t know, it’s not a bad song i just detest it)

Man, it’s always hard choosing a favourite.




I actually thought that I would find the worst track on MISC but all tracks are at least somehow acceptable.
So to this track. the way they start and end the track are bad. Even when the whole track is pretty hard, it is pretty boring and lacks real energy and emotions.
I haven’t listen to this track more than 3 times. two of this times just for this thread.

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I have to agree on ‘pleasure’ – it’s very disconnected throughout, and not in a good way.

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also the naming of the songs is so weird. You have the feeling they mixed something there up. Like ‘Anger’ is the only really happy song.

Personally I thought that was an interesting thing to do, because it subverts your expectations on what the song’s gonna be like and it certainly made me pay more attention to each song, but yeah maybe for some people that’s just annoying.

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I love Pleasure tbh

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I’ll go with Dimlim too, but I’ll only judge tracks from Chedoara.
My least favorite there is Vanitas, but only because I feel it doesn’t fit that well on the album. By itself the track is great. Most favorite from there is either Aijou Ni Tsuki or D. Hymnus.


even if Vanitas is probably my third favourite song from you I understand what you mean that it doesn’t match to the other tracks. I love this alternative rock sounding parts of the track mixed with the actual metal but for it to really match to the album we would need some actual alternative rock sounding songs. And we have none of them.

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I think it’s so moving live:

I love the line at the end, “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish for your happiness”.

Least Favourite: Kuchibiru

I dunno, I don’t really hate any GLAY songs with a passion, but choosing from their well-known songs and not just the weird B-sides and things like that, I’ve never liked Kuchibiru. I don’t like the chorus, it feels kind of dated (and not in a fun way), and they play it all the time, so it’s kind of inescapable.

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I’ll confess I’ve never listened to glay before. ‘all standard is you’ was definitely a lovely song, thanks for sharing.

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If I’m absolutely bound to VK, I’m choosing Pierrot
Favorite has to be Waltz from Private Enemy

Least favorite:

It just sounds like a last minute filler song just to ensure they didn’t have an even number of tracks on their debut album lol