First World Visual Kei and J-Rock Problems as a fan


  • Why do you like that shit music"?

Fanclubs that won’t take foreign cards

Fanclubs that take foreign cards and you get all excited you can finally register for your favorite band’s fanclub and all you are paying for is a blog entry a week you have to translate with DeepL and still don’t understand and the possibility of buying fan club tickets for concerts you can’t attend and WOW, I can buy fan club limited merch which you can only buy when paying for the fan club??? HOW COOL IS THAT


Alphabet single release announcements. If you can press three types with different third tracks and a PV just sell me a mini album dude…


“Are they gay”
Awkwardly explaining fanservice in MVs



The absolute galaxy-brained folks from years ago who believed that every vk bandoman was a homosexual just because of the costumes, makeup, and fanservice. “Man, these hundreds of people all must be gay for some reason, totally not going to question that logic.”


playing a vkei song and people say its anime or kpop


Wanting to go to concerts in Japan and not getting tickets beforehand because they’re only available as smarttickets on e+…

Oh and back in the days in Europe: “You don’t dress up Vkei-like, so you don’t have the right to be a fan.” Sorry guys, I always had my own style and just to mention it, I looked so much better, than anyone else in a concert hall. ^.~

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I’d say that is a scene problem. VK scene has trouble catching up. (basically most of the japanese music industry has)
Even in Japan streaming services are getting more popular. (that info came from a bandmember, not me)

I guess especially older bangyas will probably still own cd player, if you keep them well they will stay with you for a long time. And on the go you change to whatever is available on streaming sites
Just a mere guess thou

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Cd/dvd players are $15 on Bic Camera. I don’t see how physical CDs with pretty covers and lyrics printed are a problem for anyone.

I hate the idea of needing extra electronics and having to buy physical CDs that create clutter and take up space. All that packaging is wasteful and unnecessary, in my opinion, for what usually amounts to a comparatively tiny amount of data contained on the discs themselves. If collectors want to buy physical copies for the sleeve design, sure, but it shouldn’t be the only way.


depending on your age: finding a jrock song on limewire… its a someone’s tone deaf cover


Live DVDs in general. The visual kei boom happened at a time when the internet could not support large data transfers as easily as we can now, so a lot of DVDs were just not preserved or were preserved in really bad quality. This was before YouTube had time limits longer than a few minutes and at 240p/360p quality. I would pay good money to see a decent version of Kotodama by Kagrra, on YouTube. The one and only version available is not passable.


As a contemporary Japanese music appreciator in general, there is something that bothers me on a more fundamental level. And I’m talking about how in most of the world Japanese music amounts to traditional and anime osts and nothing beyond that, whereas anything else that exists seems to be largely ignored and unknown to the general public.

Perhaps in each country exists a different integration of Japanese culture/music, but on the whole I think if any artist from Japan gets popular elsewhere it’s more of an exception than a rule. As far as my country is concerned at least, I feel like VK, J pop, rock, rap or metal only exist in the awareness of teens who watch anime. But it’s not a thing that exists for adult listeners. And I would never expect an artist to be featured in any kind of media coverage. It almost feels like living in a parallel universe, where no one else you meet physically can understand what you are into and what’s so great about it. Not to mention, those artists, if considering an overseas tour will never play in your country or sell their records there… And that’s kinda sad for those fans who can’t travel abroad.


How bout third world?. You buy one CD you but the government 13 CD’s

You wanna couple orders but individual sellers don’t allow proxies so you gotta bring them seperatly and that means each border tax is added.

I mean its more plausible if we go to Japan and buy it ourselves. Sooo hit me up if you wanna carpool or wanna go by boat. Trust me were not banging rocks here.

You wanna carpool to Japan? I don’t think that’s gonna work :joy:

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First world problems, can’t even carpool to Japan smh