First World Visual Kei and J-Rock Problems as a fan

Just for some fun, what are some first world problems only fellow J-Music enthusiasts would understand. I got a few.

  • Shipping costing more than the item.
  • Having to pay EP prices for a single since they tossed on an SE so it goes from 4 to 5 tracks.
  • Live distributed items. That’s it.
  • Having everyone ask me what anime a song comes from

To all the above I add THE CUSTOM FEES for us fellow European folks.

  • Mail order only items (that usually sell out before your proxy can get them)
  • No international shipping on band’s shop
  • Fanclubs that won’t take foreign cards
  • Blurays that cost $80-100
  • Your favourite band breaking up but you can’t go see them… :sob:
  • Region locked streaming/digital purchasing

I’m sure there’s more I can think of lol


Not understanding lyrics so you insert your own around various English phrases :ok_hand:

Understanding the lyrics and realizing they’re no better than what plays on your local radio :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


When the lyrics ARE in English and you still don’t understand them :weary:


S-CONSCIOUS by Malice Mizer checking in

  • VK fans calling any non-VK bands “too western”

  • I like JRock - proceeds to list only VK bands they listen to

  • being into a scene that is so small that it has no real existent fandom

Extra mentions for what i have come across on twitter or tiktok and is a problem according to the users over there:

  • “Why is Malice Mizer not on spotify”
  • Bandomen having private accounts that retweet porn

I got another one.

Time-limited bands that announce their formation and disbandment in the same breath. Hi RHYOLITE!


Can’t find a hair dresser that will even consider/look at VK hairstyles. (I just want the bangs cut like in this pic, you don’t have to do the whole thing -.-)

Clothing merch that are 2 sizes too small even on large

Another way, hearing anything j-rock and thinking it is an anime song. Assuming I am a big anime fan

Needing 2 sets of dvd/bluray player because one got region locked. My PS4 almost got region locked lol I had to get a dedicated player instead


if they think at least its some anime songs
Everyone thinks i listen to Kpop
Because clearly Kpop is the only asian music in existence apparently


ENGRISH! The infamous Japanese English grammar and pronunciation never fails to make me frustrated and amused at the same time. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to sing along with how silly some songs are. It’s not nice to laugh about lack of education but reading how some musicians try to express themselves is weird like nothing else.


As a European I have to complain about prices and customs and all that fun stuff. Custom rates are basicaly ripping us off and it’s not even justified on their side, you just let them bend you over because it’s far too tiring to complain.

  • Live, mail order, fan-club limited, etc. releases and scalping on second-hand markets.
  • Subgenres in visual kei can be difficult and they’re certainly not all-encompassing. While this has no impact on my personal enjoyment; as someone who doesn’t listen to much on the solidly dark and/or gothic side, saying that I’m just a vk fan doesn’t exactly cut it when trying to explain to the uninitiated.

One first world problem specific to me is that being an audiophile and a vk fan are almost mutually exclusive. While high-end audio is largely re-coloring a digital source via your source chain → transducer (headphones/speakers) to adhere to your tastes & preferences (not the “like you’re in the recording studio” bullshit), having acceptable production, mixing, and mastering (which trumps over any 256 AAC+ bitrate) is REALLY important to start with.

Only in visual kei do bands get away with things like peakiness galore and underwater adventure and have everyone in the production process give it a thumbs up on its way out the door. I get budget constraints & self-production, but I’ve never had this with even the dinkiest of J-rock bands. Again, YMMV with the bands you listen to, and metal is one of the harder genres to get right.

Fortunately, you can elevate your experience by tinkering with budget-fi (or any good TWS nowadays) that gets tonality & presentation right without having enough detail/resolution to know if something is wrong.


This man audios.


pls don’t expose me like this pls


my only 1st world complaint is “why aren’t yall on Deezer anything of the sort?? I can’t afford YT premium??? How am I gonna listen to your music while I am outside?? mp4 players are so 2007”


There’s more to the Live Limited iceberg.

Live Limited Look - the band dresses up in a unique and awesome look just for one show or tour. No MV, no photo op. Can’t go to see them live? Here’s an amateur selfie on IG so you know what you aren’t seeing in action.

Live Limited Performace - No DVD releases at all, except one clip that shows how cool they are live. Can’t go to see them live? Enjoy the music, friend.

Live Limited Band - No releases or digital presence whatsoever, except, once again, one clip or MV that just teases you. Can’t go to see them live? Tough luck…

(…and I get it, MVs, photo ops, DVDs cost money, but it’s still frustrating…)


For those in the know, how do the newest crop of bangya handle CDs (and DVDs) nowadays? CD drives aren’t being built into laptops anymore (I know certainly not Apple devices), so I feel like it’s been increasingly less convenient to even rip them nowadays. I know for k-pop it’s for the collectibles since the music is already available on streaming services, but vk is a bit of a different story, no (besides cheki, trading cards, tickets, etc.)? Or are CD & DVD players still relevant like fax machines and I just have zero awareness?

I’m aware ripping via external CD/DVD drives are the way to go about it, but it doesn’t sound like the mainstream solution to me.

There, that’s another fw problem, lol.


Having a crush on a musician only to realize they’re ugly AF without all that makeup.

Liking a band then they change on you to something worse.

Not knowing their real age and wondering if it’s a “sin” to have a crush on them.( Ie artist might be your dad’s age or you might be their parents age.)

Being too poor to buy crap, too crappy to diy it.

Trying to figure out your sexuality with the girlie one in the group.


Psst don’t you know the only handsome Asians are kpop idols and VK bandomen.

(I actually saw someone on Melokei write that and they were serious about it)