Furry ÒwÓ

  • I am a Furry UwU
  • I am a Furry
  • I like the fandom but aren’t a part of it
  • I have friends that are in the fandom, but I am not in it
  • I respect them for their creations
  • I can accept them
  • I dislike them

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their was a furry thread in Monochrome heaven, so I guess I just do one for J-Rock-One. I am interested if there would be other people who are in the fandom which are also into VK.
I think a connection we have is that both fandoms are pretty focused in character design and creating a character/persona.
This is thread is for stating your view and for discussions/chats about the topic.


i want to open and go inside mater from cars furrys kinda like that right


not a part of this subculture, but I’m an ally of all LGBQA furries if this counts!


Didn’t know this thread existed. I’ve been a furry since around 2009/10, roughly the same time as I’ve discovered Visual Kei ^w^ I have been attending conventions in past couple of years before covid and plan to become a fursuiter in the next year :smiley:


good luck with the Fur Suit.
I probably started somewhere around 2015-18. I Really have become active in the fandom late in 2019 where I started to use Discord. I still haven’t visited any Furry Conventions.
But I own already some furry related Merchandices.