Ganbare Masashige MV/song "2:00 AM, Shibuya will be burning." release

MV was released nearly and hour ago :laughing:

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The song is part of the complication release “GIGA RAVE 01

About the artist
Disclaimer: this is a deepL translation

Born 21 January 1996 in Fukuoka, Japan.

He started his music career in 2013 as a vocalist and composer in the band 'Mercy Personality !‘s Dark’, and currently provides songs and arranges music for various artists in addition to his band activities.

In 2021, my Kobayashi’s first album ‘Health Suffering’, which he himself arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered, won the Tawarekomen Annual Award.

And in 2022, as soon as he suddenly started his career as a DJ, he has been gradually expanding his activities, such as performing at the Japan tour of DJ OOTORO, who has released various works on labels such as STMPD RECORDS.

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I thought DeepL was better than that :wink:

Oi :joy::joy:

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