Gender -mixed VK- Groups

Is it just me or did gender - mixed groups become more common the last years. (or since whenever, because i had 7 years break of VK)
Maybe i was just listening the wrong groups, but i feel like mixed groups became more common than it was before.

Feel free to post any mixed groups you like to listen to

EXDEATH singer Hyuga is female, the rest are male

Angel’s Temptation Bassist Rio and Keyboarder Shion are female

and Faith of Fate’s singer Eluha is female


Angels’Temptation the singer and the guitarrist follow me on Twitter i like Requiem ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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I like THE SOUND BEE HD. The bassist YOU, the one with the red hair, is the only female member.


There is also The Ghost inside of Me, the singer is a woman, while the musicians are 2 and 2.

But also スキゾフレニカ (Schizophrenica)

And Lancer >> Bee


Magistina Saga
In the current lineup, the singer, bassist and drummer are women. The singer, Iori, has been a member since their beginning.

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I don’t think they have female members, do they?

Isn’t the second voice (and guitarist?) a woman? :hushed:

Yes she is! In her twitter you can quite clearly seen that it’s a woman


idk I always thought Sachiko was a dude, haven’t followed her since Sunawachi Saga

Adding to this she played for Chinori to Houtai
and this “joke” happened

adding the google translation for the lazy people

“Gauzes, Chinori to Houtai
Formed an alliance (^^)
My bad face w
In the back, Sisut is suspected of sexual harassment (゜∀゜)”

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Maki, a bassist from Fuzylog. and One Star is female.

Now ex members of One Star have a new band. She’s there as well:


wow this is so interesting, actually i was longing to know more about this kind of band !!
thank so much for this


Before Shoujo S, Satoki was the only female in HYAKUMONOGATARI (ヒャクモノガタリ) and 狐神-kogami-


Where to find their music? I can’t find much on them

I think they used to release digital-only singles, but I don’t think they’re available anymore.

edit: they released cds too, forgot about that.