GENKI TAKEBUCHI (ex.MEJIBRAY) new digital single "愛ってなんだっけ" release

GENKI TAKEBUCHI 4th digital single “愛ってなんだっけ” will be released at 2021/06/16.

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his solo project is pure『Artists you can’t believe still active 』thread content tbh


Ooh … Wait which member was he?


New song うまくいかない

I’m getting extreme Satsuki energy from the preview. Comically bad. Like way worse than 8P-SB.

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I couldn’t get past the first ten seconds. I literally want to cry because I was and still am rooting for Genki. But this… just ain’t it, sis. (╥_╥)

Maybe composing on his own just isn’t his strongest suit? (╥_╥)

second hand embarrassment

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