gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy new EP, "半死半生" release

gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy new live-limited EP, “半死半生” will be released during their “hello,hollow,howlow” tour, starting on 7/10 at Shimokitazawa SHELTER. They will also hold their twoman live, “Parasitism and regeneration. And it will be a sacrifice.”, with LOA-ROAR (deadman Mako side project) on 8/3~4 at Sapporo Crazy Monkey.

01 そして其れは半神半人、顔が墜ちて「c」では無くなりました。
02 強いられた無から孔から穴へ、マッチポンプの兎は屍
03 連続性の細工
04 掌る肉


Niiiice, their last few singles have been great!

edit: oh wait, all of these are old songs. Never mind, not interested as much, haha.

I just hope this will be released onto streaming sites, all of the tracks being old ones really invites for that kind of decision

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