girugamesh to perform live for the first time since their disbanding at "Vkei-tte shitteru?" event

Line up:

V系Respect Super Session

Another set up for a possible come back or just another tease like their post disbanding single they released? What do you guys think?


Not sure what they’ll do or are up to but I’m definitely excited.

I would not throw much hope about a possible comeback as long as it’s linked to a MAVERICK DC GROUP event.

“V系Respect Super Session” must be the most ironic session name I have ever seen considering how many of the participating bands are considered prime examples of bands that threw away nearly anything that made them V系 in favor of them ¥¥¥. Please fix to “Super V系Disrespect Session - we also accept $$$”


as long as it’s linked to a MAVERICK DC GROUP event.

I’m surprised it’s labeled as such. It’s obviously the “end of the year” festival that MUCC usually hosts at Budokan. On the other side, their event emerged from the ashes of the JACK IN THE BOX festival.

“V系Respect Super Session” must be the most ironic session name

What Japanese usually mean with that “respect” term is, that the band is gonna cover famous vk songs/bands. It’s used as a synonym for “tribute” and commonly used as a title for tribute/cover CDs (“PARADE - RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK”, “BOØWY Respect”,…)


Shuu posted this today. Wondering if it’s for girugamesh too.

“Yesterday was the MV recording. I want to do my best to make a good work.”

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Catch me out here in the streets V系Respectin’

Seems in the end ended up being something different (or extra):

【V系 Respect Super Session】
蜉蝣 Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo 千秋(DEZERT)/Gt 結生(メリー)/Gt 海(vistlip)/Ba kazu(the god and death stars/gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy)/Dr きょうのすけ(キズ)

LUNA SEA Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo葉月(lynch.)/Gt ミヤ(ムック)/Gt ヒロト(アリス九號.)/Ba 明希(シド)/Dr 堕門(アルルカン)

GLAY Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo maya(LM.C)/Gt 酒井参輝(己龍)/Gt 悠介(lynch.)/Ba YUKKE(ムック)/Dr アレン

DIR EN GREY Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo ガラ(メリー)/Gt reiki(キズ)/Gt 來堵(アルルカン)/Ba ユエ(キズ)/Dr SORA(DEZERT)

BUCK-TICK Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo 逹瑯(ムック)/Gt Shinji(シド)/Gt 柩(NIGHTMARE)/Ba 祥平(アルルカン)/Dr ゆうや(シド)

シド Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo 暁(アルルカン)/Gt Miyako(DEZERT)/Ba ユエ(キズ)/Dr 影丸(-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ)

ZI:KILL Respect Session feat,deadman
:arrow_forward:Vo 眞呼(deadman/LOA-ROAR)/Gt ミヤ(ムック)/Gt aie(deadman/the god and death stars/gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy)/Ba kazu(the god and death stars/gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy)/Dr 晁直(lynch.)

ムック Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo 来夢(キズ)/Vo 暁(アルルカン)/Gt 奈緒(アルルカン)/Gt reiki(キズ)/Ba Sacchan(DEZERT)/Dr Яyo(girugamesh)

hide Respect Session
:arrow_forward:Vo 来夢(キズ)/Gt PATA(X JAPAN)/Gt ミヤ(ムック)/Ba 明希(シド)/Dr SORA(DEZERT)


Maybe I’m overthinking, but it says “Яyo(girugamesh)” not “ex girugamesh” lol

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As far as I know, girugamesh live is still happening, they have their name on the flyer along with the other bands. The session lineups look dope tho! I hope we’ll get to see at least some bits and pieces like a live digest video or something. :star_struck:

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Yea, that was already the first step haha
I’m not sure if they lost the right to use the name after disbanding because on MUCC’s tribute CD the cover by girugamesh was a hidden track (not announced and not on the tracklist) and it was credited as “Satoshi x Nii x Shuu x Ryo”…

I always thought that it was an intentional choice on their part to distance themselves from the name. No source, just a hunch. Unless they owe money I don’t see why they couldn’t use it.

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Is my impression or Pata (leaving Toshi aside) is like the most “accesible” XJapan member? Based on his IG he takes part in many small shows…and I find hard to imagine Yoshiki participating on this kind of stuff unless it was a Yoshiki Respect Session :joy:


Pata definitely seems like the most down-to-earth guy from the X camp. Just doing his own thing in his own pace, having fun (at least I hope so). Seeing his name there made me check out what he’s up to these days, looks like his instrumental project Ra:IN is still active. Saw them years ago on their Europe tour at a teeny-tiny venue - I just can’t imagine any of the other X guys doing shows like that. Respect!


Oh great! cover session! curious about what song they’ll perform thou-
Wait. I just realize there’s no Kuroyume or D’erlanger respect session. oh well… still excited nonetheless.

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Chiaki as vox for Kagerou songs is so right! He has that energy (not quite the vocal skill but hey maybe one day).

With dope lineup and a cool idea behind the live, these news are hopium for me that Girugamesh is genuinely coming back.

D’ERLANGER Respect Session and SADISTICAL PUNKERS has been added

D’ERLANGER Respect Session
Vo.HYDE (L’arc en ciel)
Gt.Die (Dir en grey)
Ba.Tetsu (MERRY)
Dr.Nero (MERRY)

Sadistical Punkers