Giveaways from Japanese artists

I thought it might be interesting to make a thread to share Music and Samples that are freely provided by japanese musicians.

Royalty free music from Bitoku, Bassist from Sailing before the Wind
He got the usage rules listed in the description.
But just to be sure, i will add them here too

You can use it in any way without any legal trouble.
Use it in your YouTube videos or record your own vocals over or whatever you want!

When you are using this track, please add this in your description:
• Track name: Brightline
• Music provided by Bitoku

You can download the tracks for free over Bandcamp.
→ Link for royalty free music from Bitoku ←

He also has them on his youtube channel

You can find free Drums samples from Koki (lovebuff, ex-Hikage) on his Twitter
→ Click here for Drum Samples from Koki ←


You can find free tabs from Sailing Before the Wind and their songs Resistance, Intro and One Step Over → HERE ←

If you decide to make a cover with those tabs please, read the “Read Me” file (and use deepL to translate it, if needed)
Dropping this in here, One Eyes Closed got a bunch of guitar tabs up for free

Every JP-tuber and their mother uses something from DOVA-SYNDROME


ToS: サイト利用規約(禁止・免責事項)|フリーBGM DOVA-SYNDROME

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Very interesting thread o:
wonder if there’s some sick guitar packs out there

If anybody is interested

Mercy Personality !s Dark, have their old releases for free download on their Dropbox , because they wont re-release them at any point, so they leave it for fans for free

Click here for music from Mercy Personality !s Dark

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Ikd-sj put free download link for their album Yvideo in the video description