GLIMGARDO new live-limited single "Fate" release

GLIMGARDO new live-limited single & 2nd digital single “Fate” will be released at 2021/01/29.


Glad they are going strong. Hope they grow not only in the japanese scene but overseas because they are super fucking good. :fire:

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Song and look are solid. Liking this.

Still impressive!! Wish it wasn’t live limited but at least we can hear it here just in case!!

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At first I really didn’t like this look for the vocalist but for some reason after zooming in and getting a better look at it it seems fine, although still my least favorite look from him. As for the song I like it better than Ash but not as much as Obscurial or Red Masquerade, and it’s awesome just like every other song I’ve heard from them. I’ve always been a fan of dark fairy tales so they interested me right away after I read an interview with them last year. I think the sound in all of their releases so far have fit that theme perfectly.