GOLDEN BOMBER fanclub membership help

Hi guysss so I’m trying to join the fanclub for golden bomber and I need help figuring out if it allows foreign addresses! My Japanese understanding isn’t good enough, and I can’t email the site to ask a question unless I register (and I can’t register bc I can’t submit my address)

I tried to submit my zip code but it only lets me do like 3 digits on the first column.

Nope looks like you need a Japanese mailing address.

If they accept foreign payment methods, you can always get a Japanese address through Blackship ( and have it delivered there.

Thanks! Does that have any fees with it?

Check pricing on their website ^^ In general, account is free but stuff like consolidation, receiving, photo requests and so on aren’t. I mean, they store hundreds of packages, hire people… they gotta earn some money along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saving up for KISS tickets right now, but when I get them, I’ll check out the site! Thanks so much

I dunno why and how I came across this post but I’m a Marukin member so I wanted to shed some light on this.

Since the Golden Bomber international fanclub closed in 2019 it’s difficult for oversea fans to join.

You need a Japanese mailing address (and phone number) to register. Luckily they accept foreign credit cards for the membership payment BUT for the member card you have to send them a picture of yourself during a time period, that was stressful :unamused:
The fee for the entry was around 5000 or 6000 Yen (I can’t remember clearly), if you renew the membership every year it will be a little bit cheaper.

You’ll get a fanclub magazine every 3 months (that’s why you need the Japanese address).

In my opinion it’s only worth it if you want to apply for live tickets regularly. That’s my reason for the membership.