Greetings everyone!~

Hiya!! My name is Meru, you might recognize me from MH… or probably not, since most of the time I was too shy to say anything… Even if I’ll miss MH, I promise to at least make an attempt to be more active here!
Some of my fave bands are Hi-standard, Plastic Tree, Dir en Grey, LUNA SEA, SIAM SHADE, Heaven in her arms, An Café, The Kebabs etc… I also love folk music (Swedish and Japanese mostly) and punk rock in general. Nice to meet you all! ;D


Hi Meru, welcome to the forum! I can relate with the “being too shy to post” thing, i was a lurker in MH for almost a decade and decided to create an acount there just a couple months before it closed lol! but well, let’s make this one more active than ever! Have a nice time here :smiley:


Heya! Welcome, I hope you have fun around here. Great bands list! default_thneko_gif

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