greetings everyone

Guess I forgot to hit that one… I’m shuu, a freelance artist. I first got into visual kei around the early 2000s and had gone through periods of being “intensely invested” in the scene, and being away from it for few years. But that’s kind of how I roll, hyperfixating on a genre and then going somewhere else (and then back). If I had to choose three most favourite v-kei bands it would probably be Buck-tick, Kagrra, and D’espairs Ray.

As for other music I am always into some form metal, with doom being my most favourite. I’ve been jumping recently between dark folk and synth-wave and Japanese post-rock.

I’ve mostly lurked around MH with bursts of activity, so I’m gonna try to do better this time.


Welcome, fellow oldtimer! Cool taste! :sunglasses:

Welcome! Kagrra and doom :100: :100: :100:

Welcome! I hope you have fun around here :sunglasses:

Welcome to Jrock One!
D’espairsRay… I see you’re a man of culture as well :sunglasses: