Greetings from Chicago

Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I was Mihenno on MH. My online presence there has dwindled within the past year, but I’m excited for J-ROCK ONE and hope to be much more active in 2021.

I got into Japanese rock and visual kei around 2007/2008 with exposure to Gackt, L’Arc~en~Ciel, the GazettE, and Ayabie. I was blessed to be able to go to Japan for the first time last November before the pandemic. I was able to see bands such as RAZOR, GAM!, ZON, NetherGarden122, ARCHEMI, and RAKUGAKI. The whole trip was an experience I’ll never forget and I hope to one day go back!

I like to travel, love food, and I dabble in photography and video games from time to time.

I’ll close this out with a list of social media if you want to add/follow me and list some bands I like so you can see what my music taste is like.

Twitter: @mihenno
Instagram: @mihenno
PSN: PreyShadow
Switch: SW–6084–5538–5119

Here’s a list of V系 bands I currently enjoy:

甘い暴力 (amai bouryoku) · アンフィル (anfiel) · Angelo · 蟻 (ari) · DaizyStripper · David · DIAURA · どく (doku) · FEST VAINQUEUR · GAM! · GOTCHAROCKA · HAKLO · Houts · Kra · L’Arc~en~Ciel · NETH PRIERE CAIN · NICOLAS · RAZOR · REVIVE · Rides in ReVellion · Royz · SHIVA · Sink_note · umbrella · UNiTE. · ヴァージュ (virge) · vistlip · 零[Hz] · -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (zigzag) · ZON

AND here’s a list of non-V系 bands that I enjoy:

Alvvays · Arcade Fire · Base Ball Bear · BEAT CRUSADERS · Coheed and Cambria · Crystal Fighters · Foals · Grizzly Bear · Gustave Tiger · Keane · The Killers · machineheart · MAN WITH A MISSION · MGMT · Mitski · Muse · Silversun Pickups


Already a follower but stopped by to say GREETINGS from… also Chicago lol

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Welcome to the new forum!
You have went to a lot of gigs in Japan? That’s awesome :star_struck: I myself have been to Japan twice, but sadly hadn’t seen any bands live. Maybe that’ll change once covid will be over.
Anyway, nice to see you!

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