Hi & happy new year !! I was a lurker on MH for like 7 years before finally making an account but in the end never being really active. I wanna try my best here on JRO so there i am making my first introduction :handshake:
I m potpourri and i first stumbled upon vk when yt recommended me 皇帝ペンギン/ 愛狂います。
My favorite artists of all time are 平沢進, P-MODEL, SUMMONING, DIMLIM(:clown_face:), 黒百合と影, 凛として時雨, LAREINE, DEG & 愛狂います。
Some of my fav vk bands: ジグザグ, 9GBO, ARCHEMI, DEZERT, Eliphas Levi, MAMIRETA, Madeth Gray’ll, Phobia, Nazare, Shiver, Devil Kitty, Valluna, 甘い暴力, Gill’e Cadith…
Lately i’ve been listening to a lot of Vidoll and Puppet Mammy🐸
Thanks for having me and hope to interact with you a lot!!! :sparkles:


Welcome! I just got into Eliphas Levi recently and they’re so good ;; You’ll be in excellent company for sure.


Nice list of bands. :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Thank you for the warm welcome !!! <3

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