GrimAqua two digital singles release, 『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER』and 『INFECTED ERROR』, and EP release

GrimAqua will release two digital single as follows:

5th January 2021 -『BLACK SIDE OF TRIGGER』(1st digital single)
12th January 2021 -『INFECTED ERROR』(2nd digital single)

They will also be releasing an EP in the spring of 2021. More details TBA.

In the meantime, they have released their first MV, INFECTED ERROR.


their new single “Sheena” will be released at 2021/03/16
the song will be include on their next EP

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Im prob going to buy everything from them :star_struck: :star_struck:


GrimAqua new digital EP, “Eclipse” will be released on 11/12! They will also hold their first oneman live, “The 1st Aquarium” on 11/28 at Higashikouenji Niman Denatsu.

In addition, they will start a cover project on Youtube on 11/1, starting with “IN MIND” by LUNA SEA.

Meanwhile, Gt.菊池明人 (kikuchi akito) has refrained from live activities due to concerns of coronavirus.

More good news for 2021 :slight_smile:

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GrimAqua will release their new song “空は群青に泣く” as a privilege CD for going to their instore event at Like An Edison Tokyo on 3/27 where they will hold a talk event and a mini-live.