Group Drawing

this idea came from the JRock One Discord, but we want to as well invite everyone else to participate.

The plan is simply that we all would draw something to the same theme and would later post it here.

Our first theme will be Flowers

  • You can make any kind of drawing related to flowers (your interpretation, or it can be literal)
  • You can post multiple works
  • The deadline for this theme is January 2022
  • Also accepting suggestions for themes

I dont paint a lot, but it was a lot of fun


Since I started drawing in the middle of this year I am not good at it at all.
Anyway, here are some of my creations. Might add some more later


@JohnN Wow, these flowers are so beautiful. You’ve got much better over the time. Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings. :smiley_cat:

@Rena I’m really impressed about your acrylic painting it looks pretty wonderful. :cherry_blossom:


I am seriously ashamed of how long I took for mine

but here finally have finished the drawing I wanted to make for this.
I first tried to draw the flowers more clearly, but they always felt off with the rest of the drawing so I have decided to draw them like this.


It turned out lovely :rose:

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Aww, really beautiful drawing :heart_eyes: can we still post flower related drawings here? I asked because of the deadline. Maybe I post one here too in the future :slight_smile:

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We didn’t have made a new topic for this group drawing or any further drawing project. You surely can add a drawing if you like.

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