Gt.トミー・ソウマ (TOMMY SOUMA) joins Z CLEAR + live-limited single, "がむしゃら" release

support Gt.トミー・ソウマ (TOMMY SOUMA) (ex-B.W.D) has officially joined Z clear as a member on 1/29 and the band has changed the stylization of their name to all caps.

They have posted their new visual and will hold their oneman live on 7/29 at Hiroshima club QUATTRO.


live-limited single (title tba) will be released at their free oneman live on 4/11 at Fukuoka graf

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I don’t listen to them too much or anything,
But it just makes me happy to see how they gain new band members.
from being two dudes trying to be a band to a (nearly) complete band.

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7th Single『がむしゃら』

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