Gt.蘭々(Ranran) has joined キラワレモノ(Kirawaremono)

Gt.蘭々(Ranran) has joined キラワレモノ(Kirawaremono) at 2021/03/10.

vo.砂糖 (Sugar) (ex.LAZAROUS)

gt.蘭々(Ranran) (ex.OROCHI)

gt.ドッペルげんたー (Doppel Genta) (ex.ZeroCre)



キラワレモノ (kirawaremono) will pause activities on 10/2021 at their 3rd anniversary live, but date is undecided

New visual

Why have they done 27 music videos for 27 songs but not release anything(as far as I know anyway)?


Sucks the troll factory is going away for a bit, never seen a band like this before who only make PVs, at least they’re all entertaining.

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I just now discovered this band (just as they are about to pause activities, of course sigh), and went through their MVs, which was quite the experience :slight_smile: , but it got me thinking. What this band does is, in a way, a kind of “true” VK experience. I mean, visuals (the costumes, MVs) are as much part of VK as the music. When you just listen to a song, you’re not really getting the full experience.

What this band does by having an MV for every song, and not having their music released or on streaming sites (AFAIK at least), is that the only way to experience their work is by watching the MVs (or live shows), which means getting the complete experience. Visual + music. They are, in this case, inseparable.

I don’t know if they had anything like this in mind, but that’s the impression I got from all of this. I like it.