Gt. HIDE-ZOU (D) solo album "煌-kirameki-" release

Gt. HIDE-ZOU (D) solo album “煌-kirameki-” will be released at 2021/12/24 (3300yen)


  1. Prologue
  2. ユメノカケラ
  3. …for ever
  4. The Messenger
  5. 煌-陽炎の如く-
  6. 月の光と星屑と
  7. Deep in the forest [Instrumental]
  8. 儚く散る夢、彼方へ
  9. Until…
  10. Eternal flame
  11. キミと過ごしたあの輝ける日々を想う

Great news! Been 20 years since As’REAL. His vocals aren’t bad at all.
I’m excitedly looking forward to listening to his album.

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this actually sounds beautiful, I love it!

I wouldn’t mind a better vocalist, but musically it sounds more legit than a good past decade of D.


This does sound really good, I’ll be hyped to listen to it. Is this is first solo release? I feel like I remember he did a solo EP or something before…

Very catchy. He deserves a better production but sounds cool for a first album, I will give it a listen