gulu gulu

                                      gulu gulu 2019~

Vocal 哀 I (Ai)
Guitar 凛人 (Rito)
Bass 藍珠 (Lanju)
Drums 螢ちゃん (Hotaru chan)

ex. Guitar Kazari 2019 - 2020

  • 変なメリーゴーランド (2019, single)
  • 首輪教育のすすめ (2019, single)
  • ぐるぐる流出音源集 リビングデッド盤 (2020, mini album)

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I’m just starting this thread to handle my fear to lose this band. After three lives in winter 2020 there were no signs of life anymore. Even their last twitter post is from January. Also the last release is now nearly a year old.
As we all know this scene for a little longer those signs are looking really unpromising. But maybe I’m worrying too much and they will announce a full double album in the next days. :smile:

If they would disband I would shed manly tears, that’s for sure…


personally hoping they have a compilation release that combines all the songs and pvs since i missed out on their earlier singles and don’t want to pay the higher price tag


Would definitely like something new from them. Super promising band.

I hope they release something this year, I loved everything they put out so far

Just last Friday Ai posted he got to go to a live house for the first time in awhile and at the end put his leg up on center stage and started crying for some reason. So I’m taking from this he really misses performing, I have hope for them even post - rona. He’s been going back through old posts from lives too the last month. Idk if that Brazillian guy who always responds to his posts is on this forum but, lol yea I agree Ai is a person meant for the stage, so it seems.
I am always holding out for a more KYTK sounding release, or even 1 song but I love everything they’ve done so far except a few nitpicks.


Finally a sign of life! :heart_eyes: Even if it’s just a live announcement I’m glad that they’re back at it.