Hannya - Kazoku feat. KOHH (english + romaji)

This is an old song that other people have probably already translated better, but I listened to it for the first time in a while and I was in the mood to try.

KOHH’s verse is pretty self-explanatory, and he talked about his family situation in detail in the subtitled VICE documentary from years ago, but to provide some background info for Hannya’s verse, Hannya is also half Korean on his father’s side. Hannya’s father was apparently out of the picture when he was 1~2 years old, so he doesn’t have any memories of living with him, and he supposedly didn’t find out he was half Korean until around his 20s.

I’m not very confident about how some parts of this turned out, so please feel free to let me know if you have corrections.

家族 / Family

Lyrics: Hannya, KOHH
Music: DJ HAZU, Hannya

Hey old man, how are you? The weather is nice here
Is it okay if we talk a bit now?
Well, it’s not like you don’t have time*
After 20 years, I want to say something like this myself**
I know it’s immature, but I hate you
I said that, right? On that night 21 years ago
My mom was out of the house, so when the phone rang I picked up the receiver
Eh? What was that? The truth is, I have a brother?
Why did you say to call?
But, at that time, I was happy
It was stupid, calling him, now that I look back
My older brother’s voice sounded annoyed when he answered
I’m a man, so I put up with it, but I was answered bluntly***
Then, like usual, contact with you ended suddenly

However, the stories aren’t all bad
In my memory, that time I was 10,

You took me along with you, didn’t you? The lion at the circus gave us a thrill
The next time we met after that, I was in my first year of middle school
“You seem much more grown up”
How did I look reflected in your eyes when you said that to me under the setting sun in Shibuya?
In July ’94, your health was weighing on my mind
I headed to the hospital in Kitaku, and the nurse’s voice seemed far away
Was it three days before? Four days? The voices of the cicadas blended together
I’m grateful, and now, I’m looking at you in a photo
You lied to me about our family, and about your nationality
However, in a place you know nothing about, a single woman lived strongly
However, if you were there with us, what would have happened?
I can only say this to the ring in my hand****
It’s good I didn’t kill you
I grew up by receiving love

I grew up by receiving love as well
January 15th, 1992 is my father’s death anniversary
I was only two, so I don’t have any memories
My image of him was formed from just videos and photos
And my mom was in a mental hospital
During a festival, lured by the thought that Tatsuo was calling out to her,
She jumped from a 9th floor veranda, thinking she’d commit suicide
Ah, I cried and screamed and raged and said “Die”
I hated you

I’d heard that my dad died in a traffic accident
That was what everyone said, and it was what I believed until now
But I was at my parents’ home, at that time my grandfather was smoking terrible cigarettes
“Tatsuo didn’t die in an accident” he said
And I looked back at him three times when he did
Seriously? What is this?
Knowing the truth was somehow so scarrrrrry
But, in the end, he dodged the question*****
I still don’t know the truth, but I suspect it was an overdose
In the dead of night, I went to the Kameido gravesite and we drank a lemon shouchuu highball together
Hey, Kou Tatsuo, can you hear it, my music?
I’m Japanese, but I’ll use my South Korean father’s name as well

Family, you can’t choose yours
Blood isn’t just red

Family, you can’t choose yours
Blood isn’t just red

Family, you can’t choose yours
Blood isn’t just red

Family, you can’t choose yours
Blood isn’t just red

Old man, how are you? We’re doing well
It’s my last report to you but, I’ve got something that can’t be shaken
And that’s family
That’s why, I’m asking you
When I die, as promised,
Let’s have a drink together

*, **, ***, ****, ***** These are the lines I’m most concerned about. It’s very likely that I got some of these wrong.

家族 / Kazoku

Oyaji, genki ka? Kocchi wa ii tenki da
Ima, chotto shabette heiki ka?
Ma, jikan ga nee wake ja nee shina
Are kara ni-juu-nen konnan iu no mo jibun de
Otonage nee no mo wakattekkedo ore wa anta o nikunderu
Itta yo na? ni-juu-ichi-nen mae no ano yoru
Ie ni kaa-chan wa inakatta dakara, denwa ga nareba juwaki o toru
E? Nan datte? Jitsu wa ore ni wa kyoudai ga iru?
Denwa shiro tte donna riyuu?
Demo, son toki wa ureshikatta yo jibun
Baka da yo na denwa shichimatta ima omoeba
Nii-chan no sono koe ga meiwaku-sou na no ga kotae da
Otoko dakara koraeta demo bucchaketa hanashi kotaeta
De, itsumo no doori anta no renraku wa todaeta

Demo, warui hanashi bakkari ja nai ore no kioku da to ARE wa juu-sai

Tsuretette kureta yo ne? SAAKASU RAION ga ore-tachi o wakasu
Tsugi ni atta no wa chuu-ichi
“Daibun otona ni natta fuinki”
Itta anta to iwareta ore wa dou utsutta? Shibuya no yuuhi ni
Kyuu-juu-yon-nen shichi-gatsu anta no youdai ga ki ni naru
Mukatta sakki kitaku no byouin kangofu no koe ga tooi
mikka mae? yokka mae? Semi no koe goccha maze
Kansha shiteru ima shashin no anta miteru
Katei no koto mo uso tsuita kokuseki no koto mo uso tsuita
Demo, temee ga nanimo shiranee tokoro de hitori no onna wa tsuyoku ita
Demo, anta to itara dou natta?
Kore dakya ieru te ni wakka
Korosanakute yokatta
Ai o ukete ore wa sodatta

Ai o ukete ore mo sodatta
Sen-kyuu-hyaku-kyuu-juu-ni-nen ichi-gatsu juu-go-nichi ga PAPA no meinichi
Ni-sai no koro no kioku nee shi BIDEO to shashin dake mite IMEEJI
Sore de MAMA wa seishin byouin ni ita
Ore ga shichigosan no toki “Tatsuo ga watashi o yonderu” tsutte
Kyuu-kai BERANDA kara tobiorite jisatsu shiyou to suru
AH naite sakende abarete shinu tte iu
Ore wa anta o nikunderu

PAPA ga shinda no wa koutsuujiko tte kikasareta
Minna sou iu shisou omotteta yo ima made wa
Jikka de jii-chan to issho ni mazui tabako o suttee ita ano toki
“Tatsuo wa jikoshi ja nai n da zo” tte
Iwarete jii-chan no koto san-do mi
MAJI ka yo nanda sore
Shinjitsu o shiru no nanka koweeeeee
Kedo kekkyoku uyamuya ni gomakasareta ore
Mada hontou no koto wa shiranai ore no kanguri ja OOBAADOOZU
Mayonaka kameido no o-haka ni itte issho ni REMON chuuhai o nomu
Nee kou tatsuo kiiteru ka ore no ongaku o
Nihonjin dakedo kankoku no otousan no namae ore mo tsukau yo

FAMILY erabenai chi wa akai dake ja nai

FAMILY erabenai chi wa akai dake ja nai

FAMILY erabenai chi wa akai dake ja nai

FAMILY erabenai chi wa akai dake ja nai

Oyaji, genki ka? Ore-tachi wa genki da
Saigo ni houkoku ga ore wa yuruganai mono o te ni shita
Sore wa kazoku da dakara tanomu na
Ore ga shindara yakusokudoori
Futari de sake nomou na