HAZUKI (lynch.) new digital single "東京彩景 -TOKYO PSYCHE-" & new single "CHAINSAW / 東京彩景 -TOKYO PSYCHE-" release

HAZUKI (lynch.) new digital single “東京彩景 -TOKYO PSYCHE-” will be released at 2024/02/14.
4th single “CHAINSAW / 東京彩景 -TOKYO PSYCHE-” will be released at 2024/02/27.



Hazuki’s solo and even lynch, have always been super generic to me for the most part. This was another forgettable song. Is this a hot take or anyone else feeling the same?

I vastly prefer his cover songs to the original music he’s been putting out so far, i.e.:

his solo singles sound like lynch rejects for the most part, despite him bringing extra collaboration for music writing.

his concerts with a live orchestra were probably the most impressive part of this solo thing so far, but overall he’s not really exciting since I burned out on lynch long time ago.

new single is meh-tier too.


Literally why?

Does he actually sell anything with this sound?

He can’t pull the solo rocker thing as he’s just too bland (vocal wise) and just overral boring in composition. I swear I get more pumped from HYDE’s solo releases (6or9 is quite the BANGER) and he’s a certified oyaji.
Please return to 葉月 and do interesting and thoughtful music, thanks.

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shrugs I like this one, I like his solo work a lot.

I love my boy Hazuki, but man, he really sounds the same in all his recent works and I don’t know why

It’s not for lack of effort or passion, you can see he works really hard.

Lucky that I like those songs, but I can see it becoming boring in the future… :confused:


Yeah it all kind of blends together.
Some people just dont “have” it, the talent, when it comes to writing memorable catchy music.

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