HAZUKI new single "+ULTRA / AM I A LØSER?" release

HAZUKI will release his second consecutive single titled “+ULTRA / AM I A LØSER?” which can be pre-ordered from his official webshop. It will be available digitally on 2022/04/25.


  1. +ULTRA
  2. AM I A LØSER?
  3. 奈落迦 -Naraka- feat. PABLO (CD limited bonus track)

Official site: 2ヶ月連続シングル第2弾詳細公開| HAZUKI|HAZUKI OFFICIAL SITE - XANADU -

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Nice, more Lynch. music.



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Øh boy… :’) He’s on a roll!


The cover is giving off a real “my sleep paralysis demon telling me I don’t need sleep” vibe

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Hazuki will hold his first oneman live for fanclub members on 3/30 at Spotify O-East and he will hold his tour, “AM I A LØSER?” from 4/30 to 6/15.

[support members]
Gt. PABLO (Pay money to my Pain/The Ravens/REDORCA/POLPO/M.E.D.S)
Gt. TSUYOSHI (Unveil Raze)
Ba. 明徳 (akinori) (lynch.)
Dr. 響 (hibiki) (摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera))
Key. hico

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Uhhh I LOVE Am I A Loser

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder how soon lynch are coming back at this rate, he sounds completely confident in his old style and willing to only experiment this much (which is a very polite way of saying we have another c&p single right here)

I like the last track the most. it reminds me of MOMENT from MESS mixed with some really deep gazette cuts from maybe 2005/2006.

Ultra is definitely Lynch. Interested to see if he’ll explore other styles more. He’s a good vocalist but his compositions do tend to get samey