heidi. new best of album "heidi.chronicle -2006〜2021-" release

heidi. will release a new best of album titled “heidi.chronicle -2006〜2021-” celebrating their 15th anniversary on 2021/07/07 (2 types).

TYPE-A (2 CDs + DVD-A) 5,980 yen
TYPE-B (2 CDs + DVD-B) 5,980 yen

Disc 1 “Single collection” is a collection of their previous singles.
Disc 2 “Member’s collection” is a collection of selected songs by the members.

DVD [TYPE-A] will include MVs in response to many requests.
DVD [TYPE-B] will include a digest video of their 15th anniversary live performance at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE on 2021/06/03.

Disc 1 - Single collection

  1. レム
  3. 予感
  4. 夕焼けと子供
  5. 月光ショータイム
  6. ∞ループ
  7. Ray
  8. オレンジドラマ
  9. シンクロ
  10. クローバー
  11. サクラアンダーグラウンド
  12. 夏一途
  13. サンセットブルー
  14. ひゅるり
  15. グライド

Disc 2 - Member’s collection

  1. 揺籠
  2. 一瞥
  3. 恍惚
  4. アナザーフィッシュ
  5. Heroine
  6. ビューティフルサイコ
  8. 眩暈
  9. アッシュ
  10. Parasite
  11. 幻想囃子
  12. レトロエレクトロ
  13. 鐘の鳴る丘
  14. ヒカリ
  15. ヤサシイウタ

DVD [TYPE-A] - MV collection

  1. 泡沫
  2. シンクロ
  3. レム
  4. オレンジドラマ
  5. ハロー!
  6. ∞ループ
  7. シックスセンス
  8. 曇り空には恋模様
  9. ランドスケープ
  10. 流星ダイヴ
  11. ブライト
  12. 恋愛リマインド
  13. 虹色レイン
  14. サクラアンダーグラウンド
  15. Ray
  16. TERROR
  18. 一瞥

DVD [TYPE-B] - Live Digest Video
A digest video of “heidi. Anniversary live 2021 -15th chronicle-” at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE on 2021/06/03.


Dang, was expecting a new album announcement T_T

Even though it’s just a best of, it’s nice that the single collection is not chronologically ordered, meaning they actually put some thought into it. Also nice to see the member’s selection on Disc 2.


Dang, was expecting a new album announcement T_T

Even though I love heidi., their recent albums all felt like best ofs to me

Wow, did not realise they’d been going for 15 years. I wonder if they’ll detail which members chose which songs.

That’s too bad! I personally think they’re getting better with age. The last few albums have gone a little darker and heavier. Kaisou is still my favorite album, but I love the new stuff.

I hope so—The birthday lives they’ve been doing over the past year feature member-selected setlists, so it’s been cool to see what each of them choose. Super diverse tastes.

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That’s true. I really loved the path they took with TERROR. I feel like their “worst time” was around 2010 until 2013-ish, but it was still better than most vk bands

I totally agree with you, Senkou Mellow and Alpha are my two least-favorite albums, even though I still like them a fair bit. TERROR was a breath of fresh air, hearing Yoshihiko scream and some english mixed in was a first, and the PV was beautiful. I would love to hear them enter this territory a bit more!

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I’m surprised that ひゅるり on this best of album is the new recording version supposed to be from the rare live-limited M-card “虹色レイン”.

I never thought I’d have the chance to hear this version. I’m not sure about other tracks though.

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I actually have that M-Card. Send me a PM!

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